Share My Heart his and her wedding ring boxes are designed for your wedding. Each matched pair of heart-shaped ring boxes is different, and as unique as your wedding. Each pair of boxes is designed in consultation with the couple and with their wedding in mind.

The basis for each design is a matched pair of boxes hand-made in fine birch ply, which together form the shape of a heart, each box lined with a satin-covered ring pad. The rest is up to you.

You choose the colour of the satin liner. You can have plain natural wood finish, or coloured wood stain, and then you can have plain or clear lacquer finish. You can have genuine silver leaf. You can use the detail from the wedding dress, such as antique lace, and have that as a design detail, either on natural wood, or over silver leaf. You can also add other details personal to you, such as a special verse, or your own finger-prints. The only limit to your design is your own imagination!

Lace detail from the bride's wedding dress can be used for the basis of a unique design on your bespoke wedding ring boxes. To see how this detail can be used, hover over the images below to see the lace image applied to a box lid. Bride's dress images courtesy of Belle The Magazine

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